If your health condition requires care and attention and you would like to know more about nutritional support, here are some suggestions that we hope will be useful for you. In the modern world, we are surrounded by processed foods and unnatural chemicals. With that comes an increase in inflammation which can lead to all sorts of diseases down the road! This is why it’s so important for us as consumers to not only read ingredient labels but take into consideration what types of food will be easiest on our bodies when looking at a label too- unprocessed versus “conventional” items (like whole-wheat breads) should always be first choices because they contain fewer additives than their counterparts. As people become more aware of health issues like the obesity/diabetes epidemic or heart disease there has been a shift away from fast-casual dining towards balanced home cooking....
Balanced health can be achieved through a diet that prevents inflammation. For this reason, it should contain plenty of natural, unprocessed, seasonal, organic, and whole plant foods; a wide range of wild, herbaceous or organic proteins; and a dose of “good” fats. A balanced diet may include:
  • Organic local vegetables in-season (and all colors), cooked or raw.
  • High-quality vegetable protein (including algae proteins and seaweeds).
  • A wide variety of fresh herbs and spices, garlic and ginger and mushrooms.
  • Different types of fruits, organic local (if possible) and in-season.
  • Probiotic foods, such as kefir (water kefir), yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, etc.
  • Complex carbohydrates and fibers of whole organic cereals and legumes.
  • Additional healthy natural fats from nuts and seeds, avocado, coconut products, olive oil and organic, and whole grains.

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Certain foods should be totally avoided, such as:
  • Trans fats; certain kinds of Vegetable oils and margarines (excluding rapeseed and olive oil)
  • Processed and refined carbohydrates (white flour and white sugar and products containing them)
  • Most commercial soft drinks and energy drinks loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners.
  • And other foods that we should consume moderately like: white rice, pasta, bread, and to a lesser extent, white potatoes, processed meats.

Most of our foods contain much lower levels of nutrients than they should. Our bodies face a very high level of toxicity because of the use of hormones, antibiotics, domestic animals, pasteurization, chemical fertilizers, antibacterial sprays, genetic modification and artificial maturing techniques.
Our modern foods lack essential nutrients because of soil depletion, mass farming techniques and increased lifestyle demands. Choosing good, natural, and quality products as well as supplementing your diet with food supplements will make all the difference in your health balance.

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