Gluten free Supplements like Omega 3, Spirulina, Chlorella and Curcum-x.

Vitalabc’s Omega3 , Spirulina and other supplements are gluten free supplements. A person can consume this if they have allergy with gluten. Gluten provides no essential nutrients. Therefor it is not necessary to add this in supplement.

Being Gluten free? Gluten is a family of proteins found in grains, including wheat, and barley. Of the gluten-containing grains, wheat is by far the most common.

The two main proteins in gluten are glutenin and gliadin. Gliadin is responsible for most of the adverse health effects of gluten.

A person with gluten intolerance may feel pain and bloat after eating foods containing gluten. this is the reason people do not choose to eat gluten regularly.

If you are looking for Gluten-free supplements then

You need to care for yourself more, following is the list of top vitamins you need to take care of.

Critical Vitamins to Boost
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Folate.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Calcium.
  • Iron.
  • Vitamin B12.
  • Thiamin.
  • Riboflavin.

You can get these vitamin from our supplement.

Why choose Vitalabc?

The ingredients used are of premium quality and sourced from the best sources around the world. By purchasing these supplements, you can benefit not only your health but also the society. As a result of our profits, we are able to educate underprivileged girls.

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